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Steaming Ahead provides productive, cost-saving, and reliability enhancing steam solutions for industrial steam plant managers. Steaming Ahead supports the U.S. Department of Energy’s BestPractices Steam Program.

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Plant Managers

Are you trying to improve an old, inefficient steam system? Are you an energy manager with limited resources? We have many free resources available to help you.

Steam Solutions Providers

Are you a provider of technical steam efficiency solutions such as steam traps, controls, boiler water treatment, or insulation? Our unbiased third-party materials can help you sell your case.

Utilities/Energy Providers

Are you looking for ways to retain customers and improve customer relations? Our materials provide you with a free value-added service, as well as providing technical information for your sales representatives.


Are you looking for ways to add value to your services? Our third-party materials lend credibility and relevance to plant assessments and services.

State Energy Officials

Are you looking to help retain industries in-state, sustain tax revenue, and support commerce? Our materials help to deliver workshops, presentations, websites, newsletter content and additional resources to State IOF programs.

To submit a story

Do you have a steam improvement story to share? We invite submissions that describe an improvement opportunity and quantify its impact on energy use. While we cannot guarantee publishing everyone’s story, we will do our best to publish news of interest to our readers